5 Things To Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

July 19, 2017

5 Things To Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

You and your pets have been trapped inside more than usual throughout the winter.

Windows have been closed and you try as much as possible to keep the warm air inside.

This means more and more pet dander and fur all throughout your house.

As you enter the spring, you’ll be able to air out your house more and get outside more often.

It’s important to keep up on your pet grooming throughout the winter and help prep your friend for the spring season. Additionally, you’d like to keep you and your pet healthy and happy. We’ve created a short list with all of the pet supplies and grooming materials you should keep with you and why.

1. Dog Brush – Your furry best friend does a good job of cleaning him or herself but everyone can use a helping hand at times and your pet is no exception. Brushing your dog can help cut down on the amount of fur your dog will shed and leave around your home and on your clothing.

Additionally, brushing your dog can help you find health problems. Brushing can help you detect changes in your dog’s fur. If your dog’s hair is oilier or more knotted than usual, there could be something you want to look at it. Brushing your dog also gives you an opportunity to check for any ticks or fleas or any unusual bumps or scratches.

The brushing helps keep your dog’s skin and fur clean and healthy while at the same time offering a great bonding experience.



2. Cat Brush – Many people believe cats don’t need to be brushed like dogs do.

However, there are health benefits for your cat to brush them one or two times a week. Again, brushing your cat will help remove dead skin cells, dander, oil, etc. from its coat and will keep your home much cleaner.

Brushing your cat even helps stimulate its blood circulation which helps it stay healthier. As cats grow older, they cannot groom themselves as much as when they were young. It’s important to lend a helping hand and keep your cat healthy and clean.


3. Nail Clippers – Just like us, your cat and dog will need their nails clipped. Long nails on your cat or dog can be painful for them and it’s necessary to keep them trimmed.

You can use our Nail Clippers which come with our veterinarian-approved safety guard so your dog or cat will not be hurt.

Be careful when cutting your pets nails, you will want to make sure not to cut the pink part (aka – the quick). If you accidentally clip the quick, it’s a good idea to keep some kind of styptic powder or stick nearby to help stop the bleeding.



4. Dog Shampoo – Dogs do require regular bathing.

Many dogs will even enjoy taking a bath. It’s necessary to give your dog a bath about once a month for most dogs. Now it depends on the dog how often it will need a bath but one month is typically a good rule of thumb.

Giving your dog a bath will help keep him or her clean and free of parasites, dander, and dirt. Now you also want to make sure not to over-bathe your dog.

If you over-bathe them, you may dry out your dog’s skin and rid the dog’s fur of its natural oils. Check out our dog shampoo here, it will leave your dog clean, shiny, and radiantly healthy without dangerous ingredients or irritated skin.



5. One of Our Unique Groomer Bundles! – We offer great bundles of pet grooming equipment to keep your animals glowing and free of disease.

Everything from a bundle of pet supplies for beginners to an expert who just needs it all, we’ve got it.
Our packages will help you keep your home clean while keeping you and your friend as happy and healthy as possible.

Check out our dog products here and our cat products here.



Keeping your pet clean and happy is not a seasonal project. You must be aware of your dog or cat’s health all year long.

Dakpets has you covered for all of your furry little friend’s needs.

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Your pets will love it.

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