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9 Healthy Foods For Dogs

March 12, 2019

9 Healthy Foods For Dogs

There are many foods that provide specific benefits for your dog’s health.

We need to be thinking about food as the most important medicine to take every day.

9 Healthy Foods For Dogs To Support Health And Promote Healing:

1. Bone Broth - Bone broth provides such tremendous benefits for your dog. It's literally a healing potion.

2. Raw Goat Milk - Raw milk (unpasteurized) is one of the most nutrient-rich foods around & helps strengthen the immune system.

3. Organ Meats - No matter what you feed, be it commercial raw, homemade meals or something else, organ meat is a crucial component of the diet as they are nutrient rich.

4. Eggs - Eggs are considered a nutritional powerhouse.

5. Omega-3 Oils - For omega-3 oils, feed your dog small, oily fish on a regular basis. Great brain food!

6. Coconut Oil
- One of the other medicinal power foods. Full of antioxidants & minerals.

7. Kelp - One of the reasons kelp is so good for dogs is that it’s full of trace minerals.

8. Mushrooms - Mushrooms contain some of the most unique & potent natural medicines around.

9. Fermented Foods - Fermented foods are a fantastic source of beneficial bacteria (probiotics).

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