A Guide to Cat Feeding : Your Cat or Kitten Will Love You More, When You Follow this Guide to Feline Feeding

February 23, 2016

A Guide to Cat Feeding : Your Cat or Kitten Will Love You More, When You Follow this Guide to Feline Feeding

You can take the easy option and throw some discount cat food into a bowl for your feline friend, but will it remain your friend for long if you don't give a bit more thought into what you feed your pet?

Here is some advice that will have her purring with delight at feeding time, and keep her healthy at the same time.

In order to keep your cat or kitten healthy, you need to choose quality foods that will provide it with nutrients needed.

 You can’t just give your cat any type of food that is available.  There are several things you should do to improve your cat’s nutrition.

Kitten Food

During the first few weeks, the food will come from their mother.  But, when it begins to reach the age of four to six weeks, it needs to supplement its food with canned kitten food or you can provide it with dry cat food that is softened with water. 

At eight weeks, kittens should be weaned from the mother and eating kitten food solely. 

The breeder at this point can allow the kitten to be adopted and should provide you with some of the food that the pet is eating. 

If you plan to switch brands, you can do so but make sure that you mix the food together until he is used to it.

Growing kittens will eat a good amount of food.  They are growing very fast and need it.  They will eat more than once a day. 

They are likely to eat up to four smaller meals until they are six months old.  You should give the kitty plenty of clean water as well. 

Remember, kittens have smaller stomachs and need smaller amounts but use a lot of energy nonetheless.

As Your Kitten Gets Older

At six months, the cat will begin to taper off in growing.  It will likely be less active as well.  This means you can cut back to feeding it to two or three meals a day. 

You should not change from kitten food to adult food since it's still growing.

At a year, you can provide it with adult food.  Adult cats will eat when they are hungry so you can simply leave a dish filled with dry food for them. 

But, if he overeats and becomes overweight, he will need to be limited to eating twice a day instead.  If you give your pet canned food, you can still offer dry food as well.  Canned food should not be left out all day.

What Kind of Cat Food?

To purchase cat food, you should look for the types that have protein sources in the first few ingredients that are listed. 

You should make sure that the food is well balanced too.  If the cat has problems that are health related look for foods designed to help with these conditions.

Many cats will enjoy both wet and dry food.  But, some are finicky about it.  If your cat does not seem to like dry cat food, moisten.  Providing well balanced food for your cat will allow it to live a healthy, long life.


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