DakPets Announces Launch into German Market

April 13, 2015

DakPets Announces Launch into German Market

(EMAILWIRE.COM, December 02, 2014 ) Los Angeles, California -- DakPets announced the launch of its Pet Care Range in the German market in a press meet here today.

The company is a one stop shop for all pet care needs that manufactures and distributes several pet care products such as its deshedding tool and pet grooming tool for dogs and cats; DakPets Natural Pet Shampoo, as well as "50 Healthy Dog Food Recipes" book; "The Truth About Cats" book; "5 Keys To A Healthy Pet That Will Increase its Lifespan" book and "The Top 20 Dog Health Problem And How To Prevent Them" book.

There Deshedding Tool and Pet Grooming Tool is the signature product of the company, with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon

The product is made up of unbreakable materials which make it extremely durable whilst reducing shedding by up to 90 percent without damaging the skin and fur of the pet.

It has proven to be an extremely popular deshedding tool for dogs and cats alike.

The stainless steel comb has a safe blade cover as well, that protects the blades for years, so buyers don't have to be spending money on replacement combs all the time.


DakPets Executive Charles Looper said,


"We are very excited to be launching our products in the German market. We are a complete shop for pet care needs and provide a range of product options that are made up of high quality materials for German customers to choose from. 

We have a team of pet care experts with years of experience in the pet care field, which perform the research on our products before they are released to customers.

On the back of our huge success in key markets, our products are assisting customers in maintaining the health and well-being of there valuable pet, including dogs, cats and horses.Customers can take advantage of DakPets products at very affordable prices."

He further added, "We aim to be a preferred alternative when it comes to providing high quality pet care products at affordable prices."



About DakPets

DakPets specialize in pet care products including its signature Deshedding Tool for short, medium and long haired- dogs, cats and horses.

It's Deshedding Tool dramatically reduces shedding in minutes and its All-In-One Natural Veterinarian Grade Pet Shampoo improves and protects Pet's health significantly.


Contact Information:
Charles Looper
Tel: 213 985-3390
Email: [email protected]

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