DakPets Deshedding Tool Earns Rave Reviews

November 15, 2015

DakPets Deshedding Tool Earns Rave Reviews Easy groom DakPets is safe for use on small, medium and large dogs and cats, and is guaranteed to reduce shedding by up to 90% in a single, 15-minute session.

11 June 2014 – Millions of pet owners will celebrate Pet Appreciation Week; Take Your Dog to Work Day; World Pet Memorial Day and more this month. But despite the joys of responsible pet ownership, many will struggle to rid their homes of pet hair that is frequently shed by a beloved Fluffy or Fido.DakPets experts say the unwanted pet hair problem is now solved: According to scores of satisfied customers, all that is needed is 15 minutes and the DakPets 4-inch Professional DeShedding Tool.

For less than the cost of vacuum bags or a weeks’ supply of pet food, the DakPets is a clean, quick way to remove a pet’s loose, dead undercoat to eliminate unnecessary shedding. So noticeable is the reduction that pet owner Lynn Peterson says, “You could stuff a pillow with the undercoat I’ve gleaned off our cat!”

A Win-Win Situation: DakPets Deshedding Tool Offers Rapid Pet Hair Shedding Reduction… Plus Pet Comfort

Not only does the DakPets reduce shedding by up to 90% in a single, 15-minute session (most times less) without damaging a pet’s topcoat, its deshedding system is designed to maximize pet comfort. Unlike other tools that can tug or even pull pet hair and irritate sensitive skin, the DakPets is “surprisingly gentle.”

This is possible because the deshedding tool has a 4-inch, 100mm stainless steel blade with very small teeth on the handle, explains DakPets executive Charles Looper. For optimal results, Looper recommends using the DakPets to “Gently run over and through your dog or cat’s coat. This action will stimulate your pet’s natural oils, which help maintain healthier skin and a shiny, matt-free topcoat.”

Available in the consumer market for little more than 6 months, the DakPets continues to garner rave reviews: K. Maynor says her King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Peanut, who has a pretty but long coat of hair, has always disliked being brushed. She is happy to report that he relaxes when she uses the DakPets. “As soon as he sees the deshedding tool, he comes over to be combed.”

Cat owner Melissa Kobin also reports a 360-degree turnaround of a challenging situation: “My [thick-haired] cat’s shedding was driving me crazy!” she said. Kobin “brushed, combed, bathed, [and] tried everything” she could think of to reduce her cat’s shedding problem without much success. Using the FURblaster has changed all of that. “I had no idea how much fur I was missing with … other tools. Even better, my cat loves it! [Now] she stretches out, purring, and would let me comb her forever…”

DakPets Availability

The deshedding tool is available in sunshine yellow or neon blue colors; and now through the end of June, new customers will receive up to 60% off and two (2) free bonus e-books: Dog Owners Handbook and Cat Training 101. All orders over $35 enjoy free shipping.

In addition to the successful deshedding tool, DakPets will soon release a line of pet shampoos, nail clippers, dog leashes and waste bags. Pet owners, veterinarians, and interested parties can request e-mail notification of product rollouts at or connect with the DakPets team on Facebook:

DakPets specializes in pet deshedding and pet grooming for long & short haired- Cats and Dogs.
DakPets Deshedding Tool will dramatically reduce shedding after just one 15 minute session.

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