DakPets Deshedding Tool Still #1 Best Seller

November 24, 2014

The Deshedding Tool from DakPets has soared to the #1 Best Seller spot on

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 02, 2014 ) Southport BC, Queensland -- DakPets' deshedding tool is a professional-quality grooming tool for cats and dogs that have short, medium and long hair.
It can even be used on rabbits and hamsters.

The Deshedding Tool from DakPets' comes with exclusive features that is designed by pet care professionals and has nearly 2,100 reviews on

Built with a comfortable and strong handle, the DakPets' Deshedding Tool is sturdy and made to last and even has an unbreakable guarantee.

Each unit comes standard with a 4 inch stainless replacement comb, specially designed to prevent irritation for the pet and pet owner.

The deshedding tool for dogs from DakPets removes up to 90% of shedding in just one session of fifteen minutes.
Many satisfied DakPets users have even reported it only taking a few minutes to see significant results with there deshedding tool for dogs and cats.

Made for use on cats and dogs with fur of all lengths, the DakPets Deshedding Tool is a standalone grooming tool and brush for pet care enhancement.

The premium pet product, which is exclusively available on, is drawing attention from customers of all backgrounds.
The deshedding tool is used by dog and cat groomers, mums and dads, veterinarians and many other users' right across the board,


One recent customer said:

"My cat's shedding was driving me crazy! I brushed, combed, bathed, tried everything but she just has a very thick coat.
Finally I bought this tool and man oh man, it's amazing! I had no idea how much fur I was missing with my other wimpy grooming tools.
The amount of fur I got off in three brushing was probably three to four times more than I had with them.
Even better, my cat loves it! She stretches out, purring and would let me comb her forever, I think."


Another customer said:

"While the online reviews for this product were great, I was still skeptical.
Boy was I wrong.

This simple tool does an incredible job. Not only does it remove loose hair but my Shih Tzu Cooper loves the process".



About DakPets

DakPets specializes in cat brushes and dog brushes for short to long haired Cats and Dogs.

DakPets Deshedding Tool will dramatically reduce shedding after just one 15 minute session.

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