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Do Dog Calming Treats Really Work?

August 23, 2018

Do Dog Calming Treats Really Work?

There are many and varied situations that can trigger you dog’s fear, stress and aggressive behavior. Massive crowds, extreme weather conditions, car rides or unfamiliar places can all contribute to your dog’s anxiety.

In these uncontrollable instances, dog calming treats become the go-to solution for a lot of dog owners. Calming treats are chewable bites that have been shown to promote relaxation and well-being for dogs, especially during times of hyper activity.

However, there are still dog owners who have yet to try dog calming treats. You may be one of these people who still wonders if dog calming treats really work. Each and every dog is unique. This means that not every dog will have the same response to a dog calming treat.

Some dogs may show instant relief while a few might take more time to respond. But we believe that having a dog calming treat handy can give a dog owner additional support in caring for his pet. There are also different types of dog calming treats available in the market.

Some treats may have artificial ingredients that can be harmful instead of helpful to your dog. So how do you choose the best dog calming treat that can potentially relieve your dog’s condition?

We at DakPets believe that your best bet is to choose a dog calming treat that has high-quality ingredients. For instance, in our DakPets Dog Calming Treats, we only use the finest natural ingredients that your dog deserves. These includes organic plant-based ingredients like hemp, passion flower, ginger root, and chamomile.

These have all been shown to promote relaxation and help dogs cope in stressful situations. We have also included L-tryptophan and Valerian Root which are natural anti-anxiety ingredients that can be beneficial to your dog’s overall behavior.

Another instance where a calming treat can be effective is if it is seen by your pet as a positive reinforcement or reward coming from you. This is why the flavor of the treat is important. DakPets Dog Calming Treats are enhanced with natural duck flavoring which your dog will definitely find delicious.

Giving your dog a treat that he likes then becomes a comforting gesture that can make him feel that everything is going to be alright.

We at DakPets are committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind to our customers, and with our dog calming treats, we aim to help you have a healthier relationship with your dog.

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