The 14 Top Tips Why Grooming Your Pet Is Good for You and Your Pet

October 27, 2015

The 14 Top Tips Why Grooming Your Pet Is Good for You and Your Pet



Grooming your pet should be undertaken all year around but in the spring and fall it's important to prepare them for the coming months.

The winter and spring months will include a lot of shedding and new growth of hair to see them through the season.

Grooming your pet with the proper equipment such as de-shedding tool will help keep the hair under control and off your carpet and floors.

When your pet is spruced up and feeling clean, they are much happier. When you groom them you'll see the difference when you're done. If they roll in the dirt every time you clean them up, their skin is itchy, just like yours and you should change the type of shampoo you use.

Their coat and skin should be glossy and they should only itch the same amount as humans, after all, people itch once in a while and so should your pet. If they itch constantly, then they have a problem with either insects (fleas or ticks or both) or the type of shampoo and/or conditioner is causing their skin to dry out.

A clean pet leads to better behavior and a happier pet. Using the following tips to keep your pet happy, healthy and wise.


Choose the right equipment – use the right tool for the job, whether it's to brush them or de-shed them of hair. Not all brushes work for all types of hair. Use one or all of the following:



  • Bristle Brush – removes coarse hair and foreign matter from their coat
  • Slicker Brush – prevents matting and removes tangles
  • Stainless Steel Brush – untangles long hair and will last a long time
  • Stainless Steel Scissors – for hard to reach or sensitive areas


Clip toe nails – use a good nail clipper to keep the nails from problems and keep your carpet from snagging.

Use a chamois – A chamois will polish your pet's coat and give it a glossy sheen.

Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy.


Eliminating dirt and grime – Pets feel dirty and unclean when they aren't groomed regularly. Just like humans eliminating particles of dirt and grime from their coats will keep them from itchy skin and parasites. Your pet will feel more comfortable when it's bathed regularly.



Keep them safe from infections – It's safer and protects them from infections caused by fleas and other parasites. It also keeps the health issues away from your and the kids. It stops insects from falling off onto your carpet or floors.

Prevent incoming problems – Prevents potential problems when you groom your pet regularly. You'll be able to identify any flea or tick outbreaks or infections on your pet while you groom them.

Keep allergies down – Grooming keeps your pet's allergies down, if they have them. These days, more animals are suffering from allergies due to pet foods and other chemicals in the air. Keeping them clean of dander and dead hair, gives your pet better health.

Clean the coat – Grooming slows down the amount of dead hair, dander, and other debris from your floor and your pet.

Keep them order-free – grooming removes odors from your pet that could be a reason why you stop having visitors. Not everyone likes the order of pets. Grooming them keeps them smelling nice and fresh.

Brushing for health – Brushing increases blood and lymphatic flow encouraging circulation. Circulation encourages a clean, healthy coat.

Disease free – Keeps your pet disease free while removing pest that may affect your pet's health.

Creates a bond – Helps with the interaction between you and your pet. Grooming gives time for you and your pet to bond on a deeper level. Knowing you care about your pet gives the animal much more security and caring. They like comfort as much as humans.




The ways to groom 

Use the following to groom your pet:

Use a grooming schedule to keep your pet's emotional and physical health intact. Also, don't forget to feed them a good supply of healthy food that doesn't contain chemicals or artificial colorings or flavors. The better the food – the better for your pet's health.

Your pet's health depends on keeping clean including removing tangles, particles and pests. While you're grooming your pet, you can check for fleas and ticks, which can make your pet's life miserable. Not to mention your home due to the insects infesting your carpet and floor. Fleas and ticks can hide anywhere and come to life when you least expect them too, making your life as miserable as your pets.

Winter and spring are some of the best times to give your pet a checkup for the upcoming months. They should visit the vet for a checkup. These are the months when the hair falls out and new hair begins to grow. Brushing them in these months will keep the hair from your floor and you’re your pet.

You can do it yourself and once or twice a month they should be bathed, whether they like it or not. Mostly, they won't like it, but it keeps the clean and healthy.





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