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Tips and Tricks for Trimming Your Pet’s Toenails

September 25, 2018

Tips and Tricks for Trimming Your Pet’s Toenails


The most common reason for avoiding nail trims is that the owner is afraid of “quicking” the dog or cat, or that the dog or cat fusses and creates bad feelings around the procedure.

Here are some top tips and tricks for trimming your pet's toenails:

1) Trim your pets nails outside or in a well lit room.

2) If you need “cheaters” for reading, use them for toenail clipping too.

It’s actually easier to see the nail structures on pigmented nails than on white ones.

The insensitive nail will show as a chalky ring around the sensitive quick.

3) Keep clipper blades almost parallel to the nail – never cut across the finger.

Don’t squeeze the toes – that hurts!

4) Use your fingers to separate the toes for clipping and hold the paw gently.

Remember, no dog or cat ever died from a quicked toenail.
If you “quick” your pet accidentally, give a yummy treat right away.

5) Make nail trimming fun: always associate nail cutting with cookies and praise.

For maintenance, cut every two weeks. To shorten, cut every week.

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