Tips on Bathing your Pets Regularly

December 22, 2015

Tips on Bathing your Pets Regularly

Your pets should be groomed regularly as this keeps them clean and ensures they are healthy. The condition of your pet speaks a lot about you as a person. That aside, the perks of giving your dog a bath is simply awesome.One of the most important aspect of pet grooming is bathing.


The timing between each bath is important. A dog should be given a bath on  a fortnightly-monthly basis although the frequency of baths depends largely on the breed and activities level of the pet.

If your pet spends a lot of time engaging in outdoor activities that expose them to dirt, bugs and debris it requires frequent bathing, perhaps every 1-2 weeks. Some pet grooming professionals recommend bathing double-coated breeds of dogs only about 3 times a year and suggest that smooth-coated dogs can go a lot longer between baths than can curly-coated breeds such as poodles.

Considering Cat grooming, although a cat grooms itself, its equally very importance to give it a bath, not on a fortnight basis but once in a while.

Many concurrences calls for giving your pet a bath not minding if they just took one the week before;

If your pet has rolled in something dangerous or poisonous and it’s stuck on its fur. Your pet has soiled itself and has poop on it's fur.

If you have allergic friends, bathing your pet regularly is recommended as it gets rid of dander, urine, saliva,pollen and other allergens that must have accumulated on your pets fur.
Some mishap causes your cat to become dirty or smelly.




Choosing a Shampoo for your Pet

Use a safe all-natural pet shampoo with no nasty ingredients. Care should be taken to ensure that a Safe all-natural shampoo is used when bathing your pet. Do not use your shampoo to bath your pet as shampoo formulated for humans is not at the right pH level for your pet’s skin and will dry out the skin of most pets.

Your pet shampoo ingredients should contain items found in nature and not artificial ones like coloring, perfume or chemicals. Pets with allergies will generally react to artificial components in their shampoo. Some of the harmful reactions of your pet to the the ingredients used in making non-natural pets shampoo are listed thus;

Artificial colors have been associated with many forms of cancer. It a hormone and thyroid disruptor. Some of these ingredients affects the immune system of your pet.

Formaldehyde attacks the central nervous system.

When picking a shampoo, we need to pay extra attention to scent making sure it’s all natural as most pet’s sense of smell is a lot more sensitive than ours. Artificial fragrances can lead to compromised immune function, allergic reactions and neurotoxicity, creating skin and eye irritations and may cause hypertension and ill effects on the brain and organs.

They can cause irritation to the mouth and upper digestive tract and may cause significant skin irritation especially if exposure is repeated. Contact with eyes can cause severe irritation and if not washed out promptly, may permanently injure the tissue.

To avoid the above listed allergic reactions, it's best to buy a safe all-natural pet shampoo which contains no nasty ingredient. These can be found in organic aisles or natural food stores, they are mostly sold in a pet grooming kit as a package containing all pet grooming tools including dog grooming brush,dog brushes for shedding,ear cleaning liquid, cotton wool and nail clippers.



Brush your dogs before bath time with long gentle strokes to remove debris and knots, this also prevents your drain getting clogged. If a matted section is encountered, brush around the area as much as possible then cut off the mat using a grooming scissors taking care not to nick the skin.

Fill your bathtub with water, it should not be too hot or cold, just comfortably lukewarm. Groomers advise putting a towel at the base of your tub as this helps by giving your pet purchase to stand on as the tub surface is naturally slippy.

Care should be taken to avoid blocking the drain with the towel. Get your pet into the bathtub, dogs  especially are sometimes unwilling to get into the tub, the aid of a second person is recommended for bigger dogs to help you get him into the tub.

Ensure your dog is as wet as possible before you apply the shampoo, as this makes lathering a lot easier, slowly pour water over your dog till he’s wet everywhere.

It’s now shampoo time, first work the shampoo into a lather in your hands, then massage it gently into your dog’s hair, shampoo from the shoulders and move on from there to the armpits, underneath his neck, the belly, bottom, legs, groin and back feet, special care should be taken when washing the face and other sensitive area still making sure your shampoo reaches the undercoat of your dog.

Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly then apply conditioner if you choose to. Dry your dog by wrapping in a towel and patting down, avoid rubbing. Get your dog out of the tub and let it shake off the water, comb through the fur while it’s still slightly damp to avoid matting.




Clean Your Dog's Ears

Every time you give your pet a bath, ensure you check it’s ears. As wax and dirt levels build up in your pet ears, so too does the risk of ear infection. Inspect your pets ear taking cares to look out for ear swellings, odor around the ear, discharge from the ear and redness in the ear canal and consult your Veterinarian if you notice any of the above as going ahead to clean without professional advice might aggravate it. If there’s no bad smell from the ears, clean your pets ears by following the procedure below;
The first step is getting an ear cleaning liquid, there are pet ear cleaners available for sale, dip a cotton ball into the ear cleaner chosen, squeeze out the excess so the cotton is wet but not dripping, use the cotton ball to massage the inside of your pet’s ear.

Be very careful! Just as with humans, you can hurt the eardrum if you rub too hard at the inner ear, push the cotton gently into your pets ear, stop as soon as any resistance is felt.


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