Tips on Minimizing Cat Shedding

July 10, 2014

Tips on Minimizing Cat Shedding

Cats shed for a variety of factors including overall health and wellness, diet, age and changing seasons.

Shedding is the usual turnover of your cat's coat. Cats who hang around outdoor environments may shed more frequently considering their bodies respond to hot, cold, dark and light.

Cats who stay indoors exclusively normally shed all year long since their natural body clock had an effect on when you leave lights on late into the evening and overnight.

Although it is impossible to avoid a cat from shedding, it could be taken care of as well as reduced by diet, grooming and using certain tools.



It is impossible to prevent a cat from shedding, it can be maintained and even minimized by diet, grooming and the use of certain tools.

Start from the interior. A healthy and balanced diet plan rich in vitamins and well-balanced fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids will moisturize and soften skin to minimize your cat's shedding.

Consult your animal medical practitioner for recommendations or tips regarding quality food products or check food labels for nutritious oils like salmon or flax.

Replace your feline's meals to the wet selection considerably as possible. Dry type of foods contain a plenty of grains like wheat, corn, gluten and soy. These are actually usual allergens for cats, despite the fact that they can easily go undiscovered.

These susceptibilities can trigger dry skin, urinary and bladder problems, perhaps even tumors. Wet food is far better for the condition of your cat's skin, coat and general health.

Take into consideration incorporating a vitamin supplement. Certainly there are a many supplements offered from your veterinarian or perhaps pet supply store that can provide fatty acids and additional vitamins.

More or less could be included in your cat's food or water and others could be massaged directly into your cat's coat. And some can be administered through the mouth.



It is recommended that you brush at least once per week, but you can brush daily if your cat enjoys it. Brushing can also reduce matting for cats with long hair.

Because most cats don't like water, it may be difficult to get a cat to cooperate. Put the cat in the water so that just his/her feet get wet. Soak only the feet the first few times to adapt the cat to the water.

Implement products that are created to reduce cat shedding. Examples of these include wipes and sprays that clean and condition a cat's fur without having using water.



Use Dakpets deshedding tool to minimize shedding. In this way you are able to save money from going to pet grooming shops.

Secure your cat a comfortable pet bed and set it in an area he/she enjoys sleeping. This will certainly help maintain the shedding contained to a small area and off of your furnishings and floors. Put a throw, mat or pillowcase over your cat's preferred napping area.

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