Top Rated Pet Care Retailer, DakPets, Announces Expansion Into Canada

April 13, 2015

Top Rated Pet Care Retailer, DakPets, Announces Expansion Into Canada

December 22, 2014 - Los Angeles, California -- Top-rated retailer, DakPets, today announced plans to make there popular pet care range available to Canadian residents.

"We are very excited to be offering our best-selling and affordable deshedding tool and natural pet shampoo to pet lovers in Canada.
We know how much the Canadian people love there pets. They are very passionate about them" says DakPets executive Charles Looper.

The company anticipates a very warm Canadian reception as there Furblaster and Onewash shampoo becomes available to meet the needs of the Canadian pet owners.

There Furblaster deshedding tool for dogs and Cats is the signature product of the company, with over 3,100 positive customer reviews is proving very popular in the United Kingdom, Germany & Australia, in such a short space of time.

DakPets has achieved the status of a No.1 Amazon Best Seller. A title they have held in multiple categories for quite some time.

The product is made of unbreakable materials which makes it extremely durable whilst reducing shedding by up to 90 percent, without damaging the skin and fur of the pet.
It provides a clean, quick way to remove a pet's loose, dead undercoat and eliminate unnecessary shedding for dogs and cats, which have short, medium and long hair.

And there Natural All-in-One Pet Care Shampoo is sure to be a success with dog lovers in Canada as it is made from premium veterinarian grade, natural ingredients with 5 core functions- Cleans, Conditions, Deodorizes, Detangles & Moisturizes

The year 2014 has been very kind to DakPets as they have seen a dramatic rise in popularity of there very successful, high quality pet care range.

Canadian residents will soon be able to make purchases through and there products are currently available on the DakPets website for a limited time.

Customers will receive two (2) free bonus electronic books: Dog Owners Handbook and Cat Training 101 with every purchase.

Following there Canadian expansion, DakPets will soon release a new line of dog leashes, waste bags and pet care supplements.


About DakPets

DakPets specialize in pet care products including its signature Deshedding Tool for short, medium and long haired- dogs, cats and horses.

It's Deshedding Tool dramatically reduces shedding in minutes and its All-In-One Natural Veterinarian Grade Pet Shampoo improves and protects Pet's health significantly.


Charles Looper
213 985-3390

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