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Using a Pet Grooming Glove

February 11, 2019

Using a Pet Grooming Glove

A pet grooming glove is a tool that you can use to help make the process of grooming your pet more efficient & effective.

The grooming glove is typically made from either rubber or soft plastic.

It fits easily over one hand and can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of the hand.

The glove is designed to be able to serve two different purposes.

The first is to function as a brush or a comb; which is designed to help to massage your pet as they simultaneously clean up matted hair and pick up & remove loose hair.

This serves the same function as a brush but can be easier to use for some pet owners, as you simply need to run your gloved hand along your pet's body in order to accomplish the same function.

The second purpose of the grooming glove is a protective one.

If your pet tends to become agitated as you groom him and you're concerned about the risk of being bitten or scratched as you work, the grooming glove will help to ensure that you don't suffer from these issues.

Sit with your pet close by to you and gently calm him down with soothing words, praise and treats.

This can save time and help to reduce allergic reactions while you simultaneously clean up your furniture and home.

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