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What Causes Joint Problems In Dogs?

October 24, 2018

What Causes Joint Problems In Dogs?


Did you know that 1 out of 4 dogs suffers from arthritis?

Arthritis isn’t always the result of old age either.

… 70% of joint disease is the result of developmental diseases and 22% of arthritis cases are in dogs under one year.

The two main types of joint problems in dogs are developmental and degenerative.

Developmental joint disease includes:

Hip or elbow dysplasia ; HOD (hypertrophic osteodystrophy) & OCD (osteochondritis dissecans).

Degenerative joint disease is usually seen as osteoarthritis.

Degenerative joint disease can also get worse with age if you don’t treat it.

Both developmental and degenerative joint disease involve inflammation.

This isn’t necessarily bad... swelling and pain aren’t pleasant, but this is part of the body’s attempt to heal from injury and wear and tear.

This is how the body sends antibodies and white blood cells to promote healing.

But if inflammation goes unchecked for weeks, months or even years, it can add to your dog’s joint issues.

So it’s never too late to think about your dog’s joint health …

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