What exactly is Shedding on Dogs?

July 10, 2014

What exactly is Shedding on Dogs?

Pet dogs naturally shed aged or even damaged hair.

Shedding is actually a normal, natural procedure for dogs.

The amount (and frequency) of hair that is dropped depends upon their overall health as well as their breed.

Puppies which are constantly kept indoors can be predisposed to smaller sized changes in coat fullness and tend to drop reasonably consistently all year.

Just what seems to be extreme shedding may be actually usual for some pets, however that can also be the end result of stress, poor diet or a medical concern.

Your vet is the best person to determine if your pet dog's hair loss is part of the usual shedding procedure or if it is unwell and requires treatment.

Exactly How Can I Reduce My Pet's Shedding?

While you can certainly not stop a healthy and balanced canine from regularly getting rid of hair, you can lower the quantity of hair in your house by brushing your dog on a regular basis.

We would recommend regular combing with the DakPets deshedding Tool.

What appears like unnecessary shedding could be ordinary for some dogs, however this may also be the result of stress, poor diet or even a health care issue.



Extreme loss of hair or bald headed areas can be due to some of the following:

• Bloodsuckers (fleas, louse or mites)
• Fungal or microbial contamination
• Inhalant or food-related allergies
• Renal, liver organ, adrenal or even thyroid condition
• Pregnancy or even lactation
• A number of medicines
• Self-induced injury due to licking
• Cancer cells
• Immune ailment
• Sunburn (would you believe)
• Exchange irritating or abrasive chemicals


When is the Time to visit the Vet?

If you observe any of the following issues, or even if your dog's first skin issue remains for more than a few days (at most), speak with your veterinarian for treatment.

• Skin irritation, incorporating soreness, scabs, rashes or bumps
• Open sores of any kind
• Bald spots or thinning of coat
• Dull, dry hair that removes effortlessly
• Scratching
• Constant foot stroking or skin rubbing


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