What's your New Year's Resolution?

January 01, 2016

What's your New Year's Resolution?

A the beginning of a whole new year, people think of New Year’s Resolution to make their lives better. I do enjoy the feeling of a fresh start. Pets too can have their New Year’s Resolution.


Here are some tips on how to improve your pet’s well-being and keep a healthy routine:

1) Exercise

Pets also suffer from overeating and lack of exercise.

A simple daily walk helps a dog learn proper manners, provides some good quality time, and does wonders for the human counterpart, too!

Keeping pets at the proper body weight reduces the risk of heart and joint problems, diabetes, and a host of other poor health conditions.

2) Annual Check-Up

A regular visit to your veterinarian is the best way to stay ahead of potential health problems. Yearly examinations of teeth, heart&lungs and body condition is  less costly than waiting for a problem to develop.

Having a good "baseline" of information about your pet also gives the veterinarian something to compare against and determine exactly what is wrong when something isn't quite right with your pet.

3) Healthy Diet

Pets who eat poor quality food just don't have the health reserves than those that a good balanced diet.

It will show manifestation of having a poor skin, hair coat, muscle tone, and can cause obesity.

Our pets are not humans – don’t you forget that!

A diet rich in table scraps is not a healthy one, and can lead to problems such as obesity and pancreatitis.

4) Pet Hygiene

Regular grooming -- bathing, toe nail clips, brushing teeth and hair coat, parasite control will not only make the pet more pleasing to be around, it is much healthier for the pet! 

5) Safety

Keeping pets safe is something most pet owners take for granted. However, take a moment to assess the toxic chemicals used in your house and yard.

Where are household chemicals stored?

Can your pet access these items?

If toxins such as rodent poisons are used, can your pet access the rodents?

Consider your pet’s wellness while keeping such kind of product. This might possible hurt our loved ones when left unattendend.




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