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A Guide To Cat Allergies

March 11, 2019

A Guide To Cat Allergies

Cat allergies most commonly affect the skin, causing itchiness or scabs.

Allergens often trigger skin inflammation, rather than sneezing.

Whilst cat allergies most commonly affect the skin. It’s important to rule out other causes of itchiness before jumping to conclusions.

In the example of cat allergies, CBD oil may benefit the patient because of its ability to reduce skin inflammation.

CBD oil may decrease that all-consuming itch, making the difference between a comfortable cat or one with badly damaged skin.

The most common cat allergy symptoms affect the skin. If one symptom was the poster-boy for skin allergies, it would be itchiness.

Cat allergies cause intense skin irritation which leads to excessive scratching and licking.

To understand antihistamines means knowing a little about what causes itchiness.

Of all the antihistamines, cetirizine has the best reputation for getting to grips with cat itchy skin.

Other causes of itchiness, such as a parasitic infection or deep skin infection, have specific treatments which is important to talk to your Vet about.

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