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Choosing a Cat Litter For Your Aging Cat

February 19, 2019

Choosing a Cat Litter For Your Aging Cat

As cats grow older, a host of feline health concerns can arise, including diabetes.

"Diabetes is a common problem in older cats," said Dr. Kenton Beard, a licensed veterinarian. "They produce a larger volume of urine, and it does tend to have a stronger smell. That's due to the fact that cats, compared to humans, can't regulate their glucose levels as well."

Therefore, senior cats with diabetes need to have their litter box cleaned more frequently. For this reason, some owners of older cats are realizing they need a more effective litter - one that stops the strongest odors, handles a high volume of urine and can be easily scooped and cleaned.

One alternative is a natural cat litter such as Swheat Scoop, a clumping litter that's made from naturally processed wheat. Through a patented process, its natural enzymes work to eliminate, rather than mask, litter box odors - even the extra offensive odors associated with diabetic cats.

The natural wheat starches in Swheat Scoop form firm clumps to make cleanups easy. And since each granule absorbs liquid like a sponge, the litter stays drier longer.

Because Swheat Scoop is clay-free, the clumps can be easily flushed down the toilet without harming sewer or septic systems, eliminating the unpleasant task of disposing litter waste in the trash daily.

And for older cats who may have more sensitive respiratory systems, it's also 100 percent fragrance-free and chemical-free.

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