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Dog Calming Treats- How To Relax My Dog

October 15, 2018

Dog Calming Treats- How To Relax My Dog


Dog Calming Treats - How To Relax My Dog

Looking for a way to help your dog overcome anxiety and hyperactivity?

Introducing an All-Natural Dog Calming Treat with Organic Hemp, By DakPets.

These natural treats can help support your pet by keeping them calm and at ease. Whether it's anxious and nervous behaviour or just a slightly aggressive temperament.

DakPets Calming Treats – a duck flavoured chewable formula with both natural and organic ingredients.

These can help dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages relax in any situation.

DakPets have formulated these calming bites to help stimulate a feeling of ease and rest to make life more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

The soothing ingredients work together to help as a relaxant to relieve stress and tension that causes excessive scratching, barking, chewing and biting.

These treats contain Organic Ginger Root, L-Tryptophan and Organic Passion Flower to help balance dog behaviour which minimises disruptive outbursts… …while Valerian Root works with Organic Hemp Powder and Organic Hemp Oil to help reduce restlessness and travel anxiety.

DakPets products are 100% safe and natural supplements formulated by experts, designed to deliver fast results without any side effects.

Only treats with the highest quality natural ingredients are sold by DakPets.

Go with A brand you can trust - Consistent Quality Assured!

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