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How to Use Slicker Brush on Dogs

February 25, 2019

How to Use Slicker Brush on Dogs

If your pooch has curly hair or a double coat, the slicker brush is your best friend.

It's designed to work on some tangles and remove dead hair.

Use the slicker brush with other grooming tools to keep your pet's coat healthy.

Mist your dog's coat with conditioning spray as this can help.

You don't want to soak the hair because it can cause matts or tangles to tighten.

Brush your dog's coat from the surface to the end of the hair with the slicker brush.

Remove the tangles and matts.

If you hear a scraping sound when brushing, you have hit a matt or tangle.

Brush the matt in different directions with the slicker brush.

This will help loosen the matt until you can brush through it.

Continue to brush your dog to remove the dead hair.

Don't use the slicker brush around the face.

The slicker brush is excellent for poodles and other curly-haired dogs as it can help groom their coat as well.

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