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DakPets Deshedding Replacement Comb


If you're tired of pet hair getting all over the couch and house, then our DakPets Deshedding Replacement Comb is just what you need. Give yourself peace of mind knowing you're taking care of your pet the very best way possible, and your house will be much cleaner.

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Extend the life of your DakPets Deshedding Tool and maintain its peak performance and comfort for your pet, with easy-to-use replacement combs. Simply remove your old comb and snap the new one in place, and you’re ready to continue providing professional-quality grooming to your pets.

Our tools are not only recyclable; they are reusable, too.

What’s better than environmentally responsible products manufactured with safe and recyclable materials? Tools that can be used again and again, to be kept out of the landfill altogether!

One size fits all! The DakPets Replacement Comb fits on any DakPets Deshedding Tool and is appropriate for pets of all sizes and coat lengths.

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