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DakPets Pet Grooming Glove


Our DakPets Pet Grooming Glove is perfect for dogs, cat, and horses. Simply place the glover over your hand and begin to gently move over the hair and watch how shinny and beautiful they will look.

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Dog & Cat Brush Glove For Long & Short Hair Pets. This Anti-Shedding Glove Stops Shedding In Its Tracks! 

Have you said "yes" to these Questions...

  • Q. Are you looking for a dog grooming brush that takes all the stress out of grooming time for you and your pet?
  • Q. Are you tired of finding pet hair all over your floors, furniture, food and clothes?
  • Q. Have you spent more time on pet hair removal from your clothes than you have preventing shedding in the first place?
  • ...if you said "yes" to at least one of these, then our DakPets Pet Grooming Glove is perfect for you!

Benefits & Features:

  • Pets love the way it feels
  • Engineered to safely and gently remove your pet's loose dead hair
  • Removes dull dead hair, revealing a healthy, shiny outer coat
  • Stop shedding by removing excess hair.
  • Traps excess hair in mitt
  • Cleans and softens coat
  • Removes mats and tangles.
  • Gentle rubber tips massage and stimulate circulation.
  • Works well wet and dry, before, during or after baths
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable velcro fits all hands. Professional Pet Groomer approved


We guarantee that your pet will love our DakPets Pet Grooming Glove. Many Dog, Cat, Horse Groomers and Amazon Customers already rely on the DakPets Pet Grooming Glove as one of the most outstanding glove brushes for eliminating shedding, and stops it in its tracks!

Make brushing your pet a bonding experience. You'll both enjoy the experience with one of the best dog, cat, and horse groomer tools on the market.

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*Available in Europe & Canada only

Type: Pet Glove

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

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