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Dog & Cat Car Seat Covers

Planning a trip with your dog, but worried about the mess? DakPets have covered you - literally! Our back seat cover for dogs & Cats are big enough for most cars, trucks, and SUVs to cover the back seats. Now you can take your dog where you go without getting your vehicle dirty

Safe for Your Dog & Cat:
The anti-slip design is the latest rear car seat cover that is waterproof and durable. This will prevent your small, medium & large dogs & cats from slipping around in the backseat, even if you have leather seats. Make a safe experience to take your pets with you in the car.

Full-Family Protection!
Our backseat pet cover provides some serious protection, while allowing room for the entire family! We made sure to include 2 seatbelt openings, so that kids and other passengers can hop back easily without extra hassle. And it’s perfect for families with children in car seats, as the waterproof cover also protects your seats from milk and food spills!

    The adjustable dog seat belt to keep your pet stayed on the seats to protect it from getting injured during accidents or sudden braking.

  • Slide the 2 seat anchors into the crease between seat back and the seat bottom.
  • Place 2 straps over the appropriate rear headrests. Adjust the height to best fit.
  • Hold on to make sure it doesn't slip easily.

    How to clean?
  • With a damp cloth or sponge, wipe any matter or liquid promptly.
  • Machine wash at own risk with appropriate detergent on a gentle cycle in cold water

  • 1 x dog car seat cover
  • 1 x dog seat belt
  • 1 x smart carry bag

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!



    Our car seat protector provides comfort to your dog and keeps your interior upholstery away from dog scratches, fur, and urine. Our waterproof seat covers also protect your seats against milk and food spills.

    1 long Velcro opening for middle seat belt and 2 side seat belts. Our dog seat covers are designed to be used for 3 passengers on the rear seat. Easy to get the middle seat belt without folding down the cover’s whole back part like others. The safety of your whole family is paramount.

    Our pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from slipping whenever you use the brake. Built-in nonslip backrest and seat anchors to avoid your dog sliding around the seat cover. Made with high-quality heavy duty waterproof material for durability and comfort.

    Fast-release clips are easy to install. Snap the buckle straps around the headrests of your car and truck in the anchors of your seat. Easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.

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